​The Ways to Clean Your Stainless Steel Mens Wedding Rings

The Ways to Clean Your Stainless Steel Mens Wedding Bands

I was thinking to apprise you something very informative about how to do away with overcast murky or dull jewelry, how to protect and what are the proper techniques and ways to use them. As you are well aware of women’s craze regarding stainless steel jewelry because of its extremely beautiful and delicate look. Your little mishandling may lead it to the damage. It can last for a long time and look new if you keep it clean. Ahead of purchasing jewelry made of stainless steel it is always very critical to understand how to clean jewelry. So, it is not hard to care for your stainless steel items anymore now.

Adopting few easy and quick precautions in your daily life would help you to keep your stainless steel jewelry in a good shape and you don’t need to get too much hassle for buying a new pair of jewelry on events.

Always remember:

  • To check your stainless steel mens wedding rings on and off (detecting)
  • Never keep your delicate steel jewel items out of their packing. Keep them in their own soft box or plastic bag. (keeping)
  • After use, clean your stainless steel jewelry such as earrings with a soft cotton piece.(caring)
  • Avoid spraying perfumes while you are wearing them. (careful)
  • Protect your stainless steel items from strong detergents and bleach. (protective)
  • While cooking, take them off to protect them from cooking steam and oily molecules in the air.
  • Before applying lotions and creams, put-off all your jewelry items.
  • Prevent them from scratches and food chunks.

Precaution is always better than the cure, but still there are many ways to clean the stainless steel mens wedding bands

  • Your tooth brush is the best item to clean the jewelry. Take a drop of shampoo; stir it in the water make soft leathery foam. Now wet the item to be cleaned with simple water, dip your brush in foam and then rub it on in the direction of the grains. Later, wash it with simple water, pat with a soft cotton cloth and wear it, there you go with the genuine shine of your item.
  • For steel jewelry with gold body, always use turmeric powder. Use powdered chick pulses along with shampoo according to your need stirred in Luke warm water and dip that item to be cleaned for an hour or two. Later, sponge it very gently and wash with simple water, on drying, will be that old one!
  • Alcohol can also help you to remove greasy spots from the surface of the stainless steel jewelry.
  • With salt and lemon, (instead of lemon vinegar can be used) on dull silver stainless steel jewelry, scrub gently on the body of it. And wash it later
  • Applying these simple home remedies, your old stainless steel jewelry/ trinkets become new within a short period!
  • While brushing or scrubbing over the surface, never ever go against the direction of the grain and be smooth.

Go on for these simple stainless steel jewelry easy tips. You would find them useful for your steel jewelry items. 

19th May 2014

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