​Tips on Selecting Men's Wedding Rings

Tips on Selecting Men's Wedding Bands

When you are looking for men’s wedding bands, it usually seems to be quite a difficult decision. A woman wants something that is perfect according to the big day. While the hope for keeping perfection a part of the purchase is alright, it should not be so stressful. You can take some simple tips to choose the wedding band that would suit the man best. After all, no one gets married everyday and when they do; they want it to be memorable and elegant. Wedding bands are a sign of commitment between the couple worn when they say “I do.”

Did you know that wedding rings are upgraded by a few couples in later life? Still the original bands are a symbol of fondness and many like to stick to it. When making plans to buy a wedding ring for the man, his lifestyle must be kept in mind. Whether the groom is choosing the ring himself or the fiancé plans to surprise him, he or she must not ignore what use the person wearing the ring will put his hands to.

Is the groom’s job going to cause a potential damage to the ring? Will the polish or the making or the ring come to harm if the man does his normal jobs at work? If the groom is a miner or a technician working with radiography; it is likely that he is not allowed to wear the ring at work. This means that for most part of the day, he won’t be wearing the ring.

In other case, the groom might be very conscious about the jewelry that he keeps. If that is so, you could think of buying something sensitive because you know that the man is going to take care of the ring. Likewise, if the person is careless and carefree about items then getting a very expensive or delicate ring would not suit his habits and lifestyle. So tip number one is to take into account the lifestyle and habits of the groom. The selection for rings would become much easier. You could choose between gold, silver, titanium, palladium, platinum, ceramic and tungsten.

Tungsten could be good for a miner working in extreme conditions because it can tolerate very high temperatures. Nowadays, tungsten is mixed with ceramic for both durability and style in one ring. Gold that is 18 karat or 14 karat is useful for men who are going to expose their rings to some drastic working habits. They are made of gold mixed with stronger metals. Silver metal rings are affordable but they are not resilient. They also tend to blacken. Unless a couple is thinking of upgrading rings after they get married; silver is not very preferable for men. Titanium and Palladium are metals that are light in weight and at the same time they are also durable and strong.

The second most important tip involves the compatibility of the ring with the groom’s personality. The ring that the man is choosing must highlight the personality of the groom. It should feel like it has been made for the man himself. Gold is traditional as well as classic when it comes to rings but stones especially diamonds, are a popular addition made to the ring band. Talking about personality, if the groom has a bold and exciting personality; you could consider adding a red stone to the ring. For a softer image, consider adding light diamonds on the ring. The weight of the metal and the stones will have to be taken account when the choice is being made (you could go through tip number one again).

Weddings are expensive especially if they are centered on a theme. Wedding dresses, the accessories and the arrangement for the whole event can disturb the budget for many months. Still, if people want to make the event memorable and lasting, they won’t give a heed to cost. One should consider the cost of the ring before deciding to purchase it. Rings are made out of many metals already mentioned. Out of this, 24 karat gold is the most expensive. If you buy a ring that is made of 18 karat gold or even lower, it should be less costly than the other options. Silver is rather an affordable metal for rings and if you choose a silver band, you could even add a stone or more than one stones.

Religious symbols and cultural values should always be considered before you decide to buy a ring. The bride and the groom’s rings should go together so either of the couple buying the ring should consider how the ring would look while it is lying on a satin covered pillow on the tray. After all, you won’t be presenting the ring to your life partner every day.

19th Mar 2014

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