​Top 6 Metals for Men’s Wedding Rings-Make Your Pick Wisely

Top 6 Metals for Men’s Wedding Rings-Make Your Pick Wisely

On the hunt for the perfect ring for your better half? Didn’t know that men wedding ring shopping will be this difficult? Confused which metal to choose? Can’t make your pick? If yes, then let’s just say your problem is solved. Continue reading to learn about the top 6 wedding ring metals for men to make your pick wisely.

With so many and unique men’s wedding rings to choose from, selecting one ring, that perfect piece, can be the most difficult decision you’ve ever had to make. But if you narrow down your options, you can easily get the ring your man will love to wear on his finger.

So, let’s take a look at different metals and what makes them unique:


Classic and popular! Gold is a traditional choice of metal for men’s wedding bands. It is soft, dense and looks very attractive. The shine and luster of this metal is enviable. Gold rings can also be easily engraved. It is a good choice if your beloved loves ‘bling’ and you are considering getting your wedding date or your partner’s initial engraved on it.


If you are in search for a ring that is durable, attractive and does not cost you much, then a titanium wedding ring is your best bet. It is one of the strongest metals and lasts for the longest time, even if worn daily. It is low maintenance, light-weight and looks very stylish. Another property about titanium worth mentioning is that it is hypo-allergenic which makes it a perfect piece of those with sensitivities to jewelry.

3.Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a precious metal resistant to corrosion and staining. It is cheaper than gold but has a similar luster and shine which makes it the perfect wedding band for those you are looking for something eye-catching and mid-priced. And what’s another best thing about investing in this piece of jewelry is that sterling silver can be re-finished if minor scratches appear.


Tungsten mens wedding rings can be described in three words, exceptionally strong, scratch-resistant and trendy. Unlike other metals, it doesn’t bend. It is 10 times harder than 18K gold and 4 times heavier than titanium and stainless steel. However, with hardness comes brittleness, which means if dropped on a hard surface, the metal can get fractured. Tungsten is a great choice if your partner loves a dark tone and a heavy piece of jewelry.


When it comes to unique men’s wedding rings, nothing can beat platinum in style and popularity. Platinum is lustrous, chic, sturdy and attention drawing. It is the world’s most precious metal, which means its value will never drop. It is the perfect ring to put on the finger of the person most precious to you.


For powerful personalities and unique style, Vitalium is perfect. Vitalium is a Cobalt based metal developed to achieve hardness, strength and color like platinum. It is two times harder than cobalt chrome and six times stronger than platinum. It has a superb white color and is scratch resistant.

6th Apr 2015 Ron Johnson

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