Trendy Mens Rings That Urban Grooms Will Love to Sport in 2018

Trendy Mens Rings That Urban Grooms Will Love to Sport in 2018

To those who do not know, it might seem odd that the wedding ring was once exclusively a woman's jewelry. Women have been going all enthused about it for eons. Wedding rings epitomized eternal love that had graduated to marriage, celebrating togetherness forever. It is only recently that men too have started voicing their choices in this matter.

Wedding rings for men came into prominence especially at the time of Second World War. Most US soldiers embarking on war observed the custom of wearing a wedding band and declared their marital status through it. Moreover, there was a sense of joy, pride, promise and happiness that filled these soldiers who wore this accessory that stood as a public testimony of commitment towards their partner. The band was also looked upon as a mark of someone’s love and devotion, praying for their well-being and victory on the battlefield. From then until now, wedding rings and rings have gathered multiple layers of meanings and significance.

Are you tying the knot sometime soon? If yes, chances are you are searching for a stylish band! If you have your own choice in fashion and want something tailor-made to suit your aesthetics, the generic designs would not impress you much or at all. However, the good news is that designers have been experimenting with bands for men and have introduced unique designs and patterns that are just drool-worthy.

When a man selects his band

Ask a man to select a band or ring for his partner and his head would be buzzing with exciting options and ideas! That is typically a guy thing. However, when it comes to choosing his own, he gets clueless. Can you relate to that? If that resonates with you, do not allow this cluelessness to rule. This band is not just a piece of accessory. It is a reminder of the choice that you are about to make and carry it for a lifetime. Also, selecting a wedding ring to which your heart says - "Yes, that is the one" - is what adds to your wedding celebrations as well. The ring's design and glow rub on to your persona. Hence, the six things to weigh out when selecting a band are the metal choice, engraving, width, detailing, finish, and of course, the right fit.

Most grooms today want to sport a distinctive and unconventional band that would naturally attract all the glances and yet would not be over the top! Just like Jason Aldean's wedding rings is etched with a baseball impression, do you want a ring that is completely individual? Here are the trendy and classy band choices for you.

1.Classic and sophisticated!

Classic never ages, it never goes out of style, and most importantly, stands beyond all comparisons. So, if this is what you have in mind, go ahead and seal the deal. Though cool band designs bring on an element of fun, even in 2018, the classic and classy ones will remain to be the top sellers. So browse one that is set in gold or white gold and go timeless. Also, when celebrating your 50th anniversary, this simple band will make you feel all accomplished. Browse through, and you can check out the best designs.

2.Platinum will never go wrong!

Recently, wedding jewelers have reported that style conscious and urban men are taking an interest in platinum when searching for a wedding rings. Though gold has been the traditional choice, the 21st-century man is all in for platinum for all its sleekness, sober essence and subtlety. Jewelers can also blend platinum in a refined way to bring out a dark grey color that makes it appealing and unique.

3.Go unconventional, go black!

It is a color rarely sported in weddings. However, black wedding rings are in vogue! Select one in carbon fiber or tungsten which is a popular 2018 trend. If you love creating fashion and accessory rules of your own, this is your band! Not only will you stand out, but you will also save more bucks than others. Black wedding rings are more affordable than the traditional gold or platinum ones.

4.A little flash and detailing adds to the show!

The new age man is all game to flaunt the glow of little gems in his ring finger. So, bands engraved with precious gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and diamonds are gaining prominence. Whether you want an extravagant or understated design, you can have it customized. If subtlety is your middle name, the detailing rings will impress you. Bands with intricate sectioning and coin-edging are rare and elegant. Rings made of mixed or uncommon metal such as a blend of stainless steel and yellow gold are exclusive too!

The wedding is a lifetime commitment. It is all about serenading the love that you have been searching for all your life. Marriage is about vows that an ardent lover would make and keep, and a band is the summing up of all these emotions. These best designs for men's wedding bands 2018 will help a groom ready to walk the aisle.

25th Aug 2020

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