​True Value in Mens Wedding Rings

True Value in Mens Wedding Bands

True value is a rather hard term to describe and it is almost impossible to determine the actual “real or true” value of a purchase or an experience. But given a little thought and time a person can at least approach finding a product’s inherent or true value if the right questions are asked and if one has the patience to determine the correct answers.

In an attempt to approach a definitive answer to the question pertaining to finding a true value in mens bands we will attempt to answer the following questions …

Is Lifetime Workmanship Important?

You have probably seen the latest fashions by now – products made in a variety of fashion statements including those made with KOA Hawaiian wood, Blue Spruce, Dinosaur Bone, Blackwood, Bloodwood, Meteorite, Ebony, Elder, Black Ash and Bamboo! Not to mention the standbys of Platinum, Palladium, and Gold (white and yellow and even rose). We are also seeing a wide display in exotic materials such as Red Coral, Yellow Amber, Opal and Carbon Fiber.

Most of these styles, including Tungsten, Titanium , Cobalt, Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver come with lifetime warranties and if you buy right – this lifetime warranty will also include loss of precious stones such as diamonds. And in most cases along with the lifetime warranty you will receive a lifetime sizing warranty as well which means that for the life of the ring you can send it back for a nominal fee and receive a new ring in a different size in the event of a change in finger size. True value? We think the warranty is a huge contributor to true value in mens wedding bands!

Is the Right Selling Price Integral to the Real Value?

Obviously the right price is an important contributor to value but the danger is that if one shops price only they can be misled. A mens band costing $40.00 – is this a real value if the ring does not come with a lifetime warranty and it eventually breaks of discolors?

We have seen this happen so many times and the bottom line is that the cheap money is lost and then re-spent on a more durable and longer-lasting ring. It is important to know the difference between the “knock offs” and the “brand names” – there is a reason the brand names cost more and part of the reason is the manufacturing process is more substantial and more carefully managed and the product materials cost more.

A simple arithmetic model illustrates cost value in a mens ring: If a ring initially cost $400.00 versus $100.00 and the more expensive ring came with a lifetime warranty, how much did one save initially? $300.00. Now consider that in 5 years a person needed to re-size the less expensive ring but that did not come with the guarantee. They had to go out and buy another $100.00 ring and it was great for 2 years until it discolored. You see where this is going – the cost value is lost in the less expensive ring that had no real warranty value backing it. Add in the aggravation and the lost sentiment at having got buy yet another band and …. The value is lost.

How Important is the Overall Customer Experience?

Adding to the true value question one might want to add in the value of the overall experience with dealing with the store – be it online or brick and mortar. While most stores these days talk a good line, one must be careful to find a seller with a solid track record and reputation. Are they rated an “A” with the Better Business Bureau? Do they have legitimate testimonials backing their story?

If a person does their homework there are many online sites that track and report the overall customer service of a store and it is worth the time and energy to check some of these out unless you have already had the good pleasure of shopping there before and know they are trustworthy.

Customers talk and are not afraid to share stories – love stories or horror stories! It pays to listen!

About the Author.

Ronald C. Johnson is the co-founder and owner of Tayloright LLC, a Utah-based corporation. Before founding the Company, Mr. Johnson earned his B.S. degree from Texas Wesleyan University and spent many years as National Director of T-Mobile USA where he co-authored the book titled: Loyal-T, the ABC’s of Creating Loyal Customers. His career has focused on sales, marketing, and training including 6 years with FranklinCovey in a sales and management capacity. He is married with five children, two grandchildren and resides in Washington, Utah.

About Tayloright LLC.

Based in St. George, Utah, Tayloright LLC, began operations in March of 2009 selling wedding rings, men’s jewelry and rock climbing holds. Currently, Tayloright LLC serves the international band marketplace shipping to countries worldwide. Their innovative products and accessories offer a fashion category that allows both men and women to enjoy eye-catching, stunning designs in alternative as well as precious metals. The Company carries products that are backed by their lifetime defect and sizing warranty. Average band prices from their combined websites range between $300.00-400.00 although they also carry precious metal rings that sell into the thousands of dollars. Its premier website is To see their vast collection of precious and exotic inlay rings made in wood, antler, meteorite and dinosaur bone please see the following link …

7th May 2014 Ron Johnson

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