​Tungsten Mens Wedding Rings – The Complete Story

Tungsten Mens Wedding Bands – The Complete Story

You’ve heard most of the story – tungsten rings are so hard they are virtually scratchproof, that they have a permanent shine that lasts and lasts, that they come in hundreds of styles with diamonds, with precious metal inlays, with exotic woods and antler inlays and with all sorts of engravings. Maybe you have heard that tungsten is a 10 on the Mohs Hardness scale making it many, many times harder than pure gold! There are many qualities that make tungsten wedding bands very desirable they are for the most part true. There are also some facts that tend to be left out of many articles and blogs about tungsten rings and we thought it might be time to share the “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say!


Tungsten mens wedding bands are hard. So hard in fact that in some cases they might be best referred to as brittle. Drop on from your hand into a hardwood or tile floor and not always, but in some cases the tungsten will shatter. Tiny pieces or large pieces – they can shatter when dropped because the one property that makes tungsten rings so high in demand is also the one property that makes them shatter – tungsten is one of the hardest metals on the planet.

The good news is that if you buy one from a reputable dealer – with on a retail store or online – they come with long if not lifetime warranties and if you buy right the first time this warranty will even cover breakage as described above. Triton is a manufacturer in New York state that has a sterling reputation and they offer a “no questions asked” lifetime warranty on all of their tungsten products.

Design Quality.

Tungsten is known for many designs – as mentioned above. However, because it is so hard of a material the design capability when using precious stones is limited to bezel or channel-set diamonds, either in a solitaire variety or as a medley of diamonds for example.

In gold or even platinum, diamonds can be set into the material because it is soft enough to allow the gold/platinum to be molded or bent into the stone to keep it in place – stone setters love to work in this environment and with these softer materials. However, what is the material is so soft that it cannot be bent into the stone? Tungsten is just one such material so the diamond must be set in gold and then the gold set into the tungsten – if it is not done carefully the stones will fall out and most surely be lost.

This fact is another good reason to buy from a reputable dealer if one is searching for a contemporary metal – like tungsten – and wants to add a few diamonds. Top of the line dealers will offer a lifetime warranty on all products – including loss of stones! So be wary and do your homework.


More than likely you are going to see costs associated with tungsten rings falling over the next few years. Why? Tungsten rings have had iron-clad patents on the types of materials used when making tungsten rings and most of the larger manufacturers in the US were forced to abide by this patent and pay substantial royalties. The good news – the patents are due to expire in a few years and the same tungsten rings will cost far less based upon the manufacturers not having to pay the royalties.

The bottom line. Tungsten mens bands are here to stay for some pretty good reasons and if you buy right – you will be happy for life – provided you treat your spouse the way you should!

2nd Apr 2015 Ron Johnson

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