​Unique Men’s wedding bands – getting started and getting it right

Unique Men’s wedding bands – getting started and getting it right

Getting an appropriate wedding band is probably one of the most important and biggest decisions you need to make before your big day. A 1 karat in multiple stones can cost about ninety percent less than a wedding band with a solitaire 1 carat diamond. Before you head to the jeweler for a men’s wedding band, it is essential that you read the following tips and keep them in mind before making a purchase.

Let go of the solitaire

Wear a carat of diamonds on your finger is possible in more than one way. It will cost you thousands to get a ring with classic solitaire. However, what can cost you ninety percent less is a band covered with tiny pavé diamonds covered.

See how it’s framed

How a diamond looks is greatly impacted by the way it’s framed i.e. an illusion of a larger stone is given by a thin band of metal that wraps around a gem.

Know your metals

The top choices for men’s wedding bands are Platinum and Gold in the precious metal category. A simple gold wedding band will cost you a lot less than a similar one in platinum. However, platinum is true to its price as it’s far more durable than gold. In addition to that it is more tarnish and scratch resistant than gold. Color is where gold has an edge over platinum as people love its traditional look.

Get your Men’s wedding band insured

An important thing that you must do is get the wedding band insured. This will help you protect it against theft or loss. However, the cost of insurance will depend on worth of the band and also your location.

Get a certificate number

You can laser inscribe the side of the stone to get your diamond's certificate number. After cleaning or repair or in case of theft, this will allow your men’s wedding band to be identified. The gem’s value isn’t affected by such inscriptions as they are only visible under a magnifying glass. $200 to $400 is what certification will cost you.

Get smaller stones to save big

Jewelers charge a premium for diamonds in whole carat weights and this is something you may not know. You can save an additional 30 percent if you opt for a gem just under a karat and the best thing is that the difference will be insignificant.

Get a custom piece

You can get a customized unique men’s wedding band as many jewelers offer this without charging extortionate fees.

Find out about online vendors

The most expensive part of a classic solitaire band is the center stone which constitutes about 85 percent of the overall cost. Finding an online vendor and buying the band from there is one way to cut down on the cost.

When looking for unique men’s wedding bands there is a certain way to start. Also there are certain things you need to keep in mind to get the best band.

23rd Apr 2015

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