​Unique Mens Wedding Rings for Him

Unique Mens Wedding Bands for Him

Marriage – A celebration, bound in matrimony. Together. Out of two now one. In any event we are talking about 2 people. Two people who love each other. Out of two – now one. One in mind and body. One in purpose. One in decision making. One in togetherness and love and bond. Two for life. Two forever.

So what does a marriage have to do with unique mens bands? How can we say “mens” wedding bands when a woman might and probably is involved? Will she wear a man’s ring? Or will she choose a delicate precious metal ring with diamonds? Who knows, but for this discussion we are assuming at least one if not two mens rings.

First a little history … a ring is used in most ceremonies to celebrate and symbolize the union. Ring ceremonies date to the early Roman period where tradition has it that the ring was placed on the third finger because it was in this finger where the “vein of love” was housed and which ran directly to the heart … the symbolism is believable and whether it is true or not … it resonates to our hearts and feelings and minds and speaks to what we hold dear and that which we cherish in marriage vows.

Does a band have to be as unique as the marriage – be it a man or woman? Possibly by definition it IS unique in that it speaks to those who will wear it and it is therefore unique to them. I can certainly pick out 2 or 3 mens wedding bands that I feel are unique but what would that really say – one man with one decision who is pretending to speak for many? Not to be.

What I have chosen to do is to include just 2 mens bands below and you decide if they are unique or whether they are simply ordinary and then send me an email to with what you would include as a unique wedding band.

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20th Jul 2014 Ron Johnson

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