Wearing mens wedding rings and jewelry in a comfortable fashion

Wearing mens wedding rings and jewelry in a comfortable fashion

For a ring to be right – does the way it feels on the hand really have any significant meaning? When researching this question both men and women have been approached and the one most common factor or answer when posed with this question is how comfortable do I feel with the look of the ring, not just the way it slips on and off my finger, but the way I see myself when wearing it.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. There is another very important aspect of “feel” besides weight. It is the ever-increasing in popularity “comfort fit” concept so prevalent in the fashion ring industry today. A comfort fit ring is one in which the inside of both sides (inner and outer) is beveled in such a way that the ring slides over the knuckle easier than what might be called a tube-cut ring (one without the beveled edges).

The drawback to this style is sizing – remember that most people need to order a ½ size smaller than what they used to wear in a non-comfort fit ring because it slides over the knuckle so easy that it has a tendency to fall off the finger unless sized properly.

So go comfort fit in mens wedding rings – but make sure you choose the correct size. Any jewelry professional can help. Just ask!

25th May 2012

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