What do men typically like in a diamond ring?

We are asked from time to time by women buying for their husbands what types of diamond rings are the most popular and if men really like diamonds as opposed to a more traditional flat band in gold or tungsten or titanium. Of course there is no one correct answer, all men are different and beauty lies in the eye of the beholder ... but with that said we have observed some patterns.

Budget plays a part - not everyone can afford a full 1 carat diamond ring even though it is tungsten as opposed to platinum! This particular ring is very popular but because of price (even with our current $100 Off promotion) not all buyers gravitate toward a ring that is of this caliber and price point. Another close winner in this category is the 1/2 cwt priced typically under $600.00. 

But to try and answer the question - what do men gravitate toward more often than not - it has to be a more traditional and less pricey model such as the B945T or the J220T or maybe even the M211BC. All of these rings are typically priced under $300 with all discounts and promotions considered and they are therefore more in the sweet-spot of buyers relative to price.

Another really hot category right now are the black diamond models - in fact they are outpacing the traditional white diamonds by 2 to 1. This may change but you might want to consider a black diamond wedding band for your next purchase - whether it is engagement or anniversary or birthday or ????

20th Feb 2014

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