What if I absolutely hate the mens wedding ring I just purchased?

Ever wonder what happens when you buy a wedding band and you hate it? Well, wonder no longer. We have a return policy that handles that as well. We don't ask questions, we help people find what they want. We might say, "would you like to look through our site and before we refund the money you might find something else you want?" You might say, "no, just give me a refund - I don't want this ring." We say, "no problem, please send it back to us and we'll give you a full refund less any expedited shipping costs we incurred." Fair? We think so.

Our customer service is something that we take very seriously. We have shopped online also and we hate to make a mistake and then feel like we are stuck with it. In the ring business, many times people make a mistake and order an incorrect size? Problem? Not really. Just send it back and we'll get you a new ring that fits. We charge basic fees to simply protect against losing money. But you will be happy - we guarantee it. Its in our written policies and stand behind our word. That is one reason we have an "A" rating with the BBB - we have never had a claim against us in all the years we have been in business. Customers just don't feel a need to go beyond us - we will fix it, take care of you, make you happy with our products and our service. Guaranteed. In writing!

Look through our testimonials that we have published - and oh by the way - we have thousands more that we simply have not published. We love people. People love to work with us. Guaranteed. In writing!!

17th Feb 2014

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