​What Is the Difference Between a “Comfort Fit” Men’s Wedding Ring and One That Is Not?

What Is the Difference Between a “Comfort Fit” Men’s Wedding Band and One That Is Not?

You may have heard that men and women find it difficult to fit into their pre-wedding dresses after marriage. Well, it’s even worse for men because their fingers often outgrow their bands as well. This usually happens when their fiancés opt for a wrong sized wedding ring or their fingers grow in thickness with time. The best way to deal with this issue is to choose a “comfort fit” sizing for men’s bands. Comfort fit bands are shaped in a particular way to feel more luxurious and slide on and off with ease. This does not mean they will slip off too easily though.

The inner surface of standard fit men’s wedding rings is flat. In contrast, comfort fit rings have a rounded inner surface, protruding uniformly and peaking at the points where the ring comes into contact with the finger. Because of a firm flat surface, standard fit bands may feel too tight on the finger. On the other hand, the rounded surface of comfort fit rings does not pinch as a lesser surface area of the ring comes in contact with the skin.

The rounded inner surface makes these unique men’s wedding rings more expensive as more material is utilized in the making of the band.

Comfort fit bands also carry a different geometry and sizing scheme than the standard fit ones. The wearer may be required to provide a proper measurement of the ring finger for a comfort fit band. Usually, there is an equivalent comfort-fit size for every standard-fit size, which looks and feels slightly larger but is actually half a size smaller. Also, each comfort-fit size varies by half a size instead of a quarter in the standard fit. Also there is no direct relationship between the sizes of comfort fit and those of standard fit.

Even within the comfort fit category of men’s wedding bands, there are a few variations depending upon how curved the dome on the inner side of the ring is. These can be categorized into the flat band comfort fit, the normal comfort fit, and the heavy domes comfort fit

Tungsten and titanium men’s wedding bands are usually available in a comfort fit. You may only have to choose between the two fits in gold and platinum because the use of additional material makes the rings more expensive.

For most men, and for anyone who is not used to wearing bands, comfort fit would make a better choice because of its durability and comfort. So, if you’re looking for a band that would never grow too tight on his ring finger, look no further than comfort-fit men’s bands!

12th Apr 2015

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