What we have found to be the most desirable mens wedding ring

This was a hard subject - trying to determine what - if any - would be considered to be the most desirable, the most sought after, the most appreciated of all wedding rings for men. One might think - easy just go to your stats and pick out the one or two rings that have sold the most over your years and years in business. Pretty elementary Watson.

But we thought it should have other factors involved - like what about the new-comer rings that have recently been added over the past year or so - what if they are by far the most purchased? And what about returns and customer issues with a particular style? Add to that the relative cost factor - are you going to sell more thousand dollar rings or two hundred dollar rings?

So based upon these and other factors, we are going to tell you what ring(s) in our opinion are the most sought after, the most desirable rings we have ever carried in our time on the internet.

Here goes. These 5 rings are not in any particular order, but they represent this category of hot rings spoken of above.

1. The K109M (Hawaiian KOA wood in 8 mm)

2. The M252HC (White tungsten with black genuine diamonds)

3. The H306T (Titanium with 1/2 cwt white diamonds)

4. The Struga (two-tone gold in 14 kt)

5. The J095C (classic cut tungsten with brushed center and polished edges)

Now, you may not agree, we are simply listing these as categorized by design characteristic, warranty, sales, returns, price and other factors. These are the hot shots! These are the  ones men want to wear the most.

Thanks for listening!!

26th Feb 2014

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