When does it make sense to buy two mens rings instead of one mens wedding ring?

We've seen recently a number of online stores offering a free ring when purchasing the first ring. Why would anybody offer such a unique promotion? Although we don't really know why, we suspect it is because there are those customers who want to keep their ring looking pristine and beautiful for a lifetime. In today's world where working outside and working inside is blurred from day to day with many varied tasks and assignments keeping the men's wedding band looking as new as the day it was purchased is somewhat difficult.


That is why a second ring-for instance one of the new tungsten ring permanently polished varieties-is a wonderful idea if one can receive a second ring for free when purchasing the first ring. If someone knows are going to be working in the backyard digging up old trees and replacing them with spring fruit trees with all of the digging and pruning manual labor involved, a second ring to wear during that process is probably very wise. The problem has held many of us have a second ring to wear when doing this and instead simply where the diamond ring we received at our marriage ceremony.


So for our family we are looking for just such a promotion …  buy one get one free. The second ring doesn't really matter what it looks like as long as it is symbolic of the union of marriage and is of good quality and will tend to not scratch during those difficult tasks outside. That is why this author recommends a tungsten carbide ring for a second ring. One of the unique characteristics of tungsten is that it has a permanent sheen or shine to it and is very difficult to scratch.


Another wonderful metal one considering a second ring that is less expensive for free would be one made of titanium. Titanium is used on the front edge of golf clubs on striking the golf ball and even on some of the space shuttles outer edges to prevent extra heat. One can imagine how durable titanium ring would be. So this holiday season as your shopping maybe you could be so fortunate as to find a buy one get one free promotion for your next ring purchase.

5th Dec 2012

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