Where does China play in the mens wedding rings industry

Where does China play in the mens wedding rings industry

Have you ever wondered how many of the millions of mens rings sold each year are manufactured in China? CHances are the estimates would surprise you. 10% 20% 30% Let's talk more than 50% for starters.

Interestingly enough, not many gold, platinum, palladium and other precious metal rings are made in China in that China excels in less expensive materials that can be made cheap with their lower labor costs. Tungsten rings for example are almost all made in Chna or overseas. Titanium and Ceramic virtually the same.

When they come into the US, even ones with patented designs and hallmarks, they are sold as any other commodity and not much attention is brought to focus on the country of origin of manufacture but make no mistake about it these rings are not produced in the United States (by and large).

That is not necessarily a bad thing for the consumer in that lower manufacturing costs mean lowere prices on the open market and a legitimate presence in the United States like Triton for example, will still place their lifetime sizing and breakage warranty behind them.

So next time you search for one of those unique mens wedding rings chances are it was made in China and that is why you can buy it for under $300.00!

21st Jun 2012

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