Where does one find quality these days for mens wedding rings?

A quality ring. Still available? Where? Let's try to answer this question.


First of all what does one mean by quality when considering a man's ring? Might it be the finish or the component material or possibly the style and clarity and cut of the diamond? Or might it encompass all of the above? We feel this for more than things. For in reality most gold rings used 10 karat or 14 karat or 18 karat gold and gold is gold is gold-right? Wrong.


Gold in an artisan’s hands is as varied as the talent of  the person crafting the ring. Since we put there are those whose trade of crafting a ring has not been as polished as others. Golden one man's hands is child's play in another. The only sure way of determining whether the ring being produced is of high quality standards is to identify the brand under which the ring is being crafted.


That is why so many Chinese knockoff rings look like they are well made but are simply hollow copies of the original design made in America. A company in New York called Triton has one of the stellar reputations of the world of fine men's jewelry. One of the reasons is because their design characteristics are stunning and unique and beautiful... As they are timeless. So really the material matters, the diamond quality matters, the inlay matters, the design feature matters, but what matters more is who stands behind the finished product.


It might be wise when selecting your next man's ring to search online to find out who and where the finest manufacturers are located in the United States. Once this initial survey or research has been conducted one can then select appropriate retailer or online seller of which there are thousands to choose from.


The question was where does one find quality these days? The answer is in the brand. Happy searching!

5th Dec 2012

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