​Wood Inlay Mens Wedding Rings

Wood Inlay Mens Wedding Rings

Why are so many people turning to wood inlays?

In the history of fashion ring manufacturing, there has never been a time when there have been such an enormous variety of wood inlay mens wedding rings. Ever!

And in the past decade or so there have been some of the finest artisans in the world of fashion jewelry who have turned to crafting fine, exotic wood inlay bands. There are not many of these fine craftsmen, but the ones who have made it for the first ten years have proven they have an eye for beauty and a process to stand behind their elegant designs.

Wood inlays are a back to nature phenomenon – most of want that feeling of being outdoors, of being free to hike and play and explore and wearing a wood inlay ring is somewhat symbolic of that nature-loving person inside. We find many men, and a number of partners, buying a matching ring for their spouse. Wood is becoming not just the man’s play – but is for everyone.

And the final reason so many people are turning to wood inlay rings is that the old manufacturing method whereby laminates were used and which laminates did not last very long is gone. Few manufacturers make a cheap, wood knock-off these days – they have been replaced with true wood inlay masterpieces with “no seam” designs that are treated with a water protection layer that make them virtually impervious to water damage.

Many reason why these stunning wedding rings are works of art and extremely enjoyable to look at and wear.

Which wood inlay is the most eye-catching and long-lasting?

Well, as you know, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder!

There are just so many to choose from when you consider all of the different wood species these days that are being used for fine mens wood inlay rings including Buckeye wood, Hawaiian KOA wood, Burl wood, Box Elder, Olive wood, Black Ash, Leopardwood, Bamboo, Bloodwood, Cedar, Elm, Gum, Mahogany, the list goes on but suffice it to say there a vast array to choose from.

We have added some of our most popular wood inlay mens wedding rings below.




Can I afford one of the newer exotic wood inlay mens wedding rings?

The price of exotic wood inlay rings ranges from $350.00 up to thousands of dollars.

With that said, if you can wait until a promotion is running on these rings the average price is just around $400.00 for the really nice, exotic inlay, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind models. This is about the mid-price point for a rather simple gold ring these days.

You can visit our website as noted below to see about 100 different wood inly models.

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