​Wooden Inlay rings for the Man of your Dreams

Wooden Inlay rings for the Man of your Dreams

It may be a difficult task to find a wedding ring for the man you love. It has to be special because this is your way of communicating your love for him and also due to the fact that it will serve as a reminder of your undying love for each other throughout your ‘happily ever after’. So naturally, the band that you present to your better half should be unique, special and should have the extra touch that makes him stand out in a crowd, representing how you view him in comparison to all others.

Well in that case, you should definitely look at our wedding bands with wooden inlays. The wooden touch gives them a unique and beautiful look. The best thing about our wooden bands is that they are made using high quality uncut wood, ensuring it is without seams and does not break or come off. Our wooden inlay rings will surely stay intact symbolizing the strong bond that you share with the man you love.

We feature a variety of designs in bands with wooden inlay some of which are highlighted below:

8 mm Titanium with Bamboo Inlay - B110M

This design features a titanium frame with a detailed design of Bamboo hardwood, used to symbolize energy and life, something which is essential in every relationship, especially when it comes to marriage. This ring is unique because it is a rare design featuring the hardest form of wood. Another important feature of this ring is that it is made by hand and no two ring designs are the same, something which makes them even more unique.

8 mm Titanium with Leopardwood Inlay - L139M

The wood used in this ring is usually of different colors while the frame is made from aircraft titanium of grade five. The wood used in this design is rare, unique and seamless, which further enhances its durability. The robustness of the ring is further reinforced by the kind of titanium used in it, which is also very light in weight. This collection comes with a year’s warranty and is again handmade.

8 mm Unique Men’s Wedding Bands in Black Carbon Fiber and KOA Wood Inlay, Titanium - L225H

This ring features a titanium frame which comes with black carbon fiber and has a KOA wood inlay. It comes with a highly polished design and is made to stand out. These rings have been perfected in design by our craftsmen who are highly skilled at what they do. This enables us to create true pieces of art which are one of a kind while being able to meet your fashion needs. The ring collection comes in different colors and is again handmade just like all our pieces.

We invite you to look at our store and decide for yourself which of the almost 100 different wood inlay designs is best suited for you.

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12th Apr 2015 Ron Johnson

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