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Tungsten Rings - Durable Yet Elegant


Tungsten rings

Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest materials in existence, harder than titanium.

Tungsten is a heavy metal that can be classified as a refractory metal, that is to say, one with a high melting point. Refractory metals can be useful for their strength at high temperatures and their implacable resistance to corrosion. Pure tungsten is not very suitable for making jewelry. Heavy tungsten alloys can be used in aircraft applications, in X-ray shielding, and even some consumer goods applications.

The one used to make jewelry is tungsten carbide whose resulting metal is indescribably powerful. Many a jeweler compare its strength to diamond.

Tungsten carbide is created by combining an equal number of tungsten and carbon atoms. The result is a very fine powder which is then mixed with a binder - like nickel or cobalt - to create a compound which can be crafted into different shapes - like razor blades and wedding rings.

Tungsten carbide rings retain many of the characteristics of pure tungsten metal - including a high melting point and high tensile strength. The rings too are extremely resistant to scratching, and have a light gray color which can be darkened with brush finishing processes.

Tungsten carbide is extremely durable, in fact more durable than gold, palladium, silver or platinum – and, not forgetting, highly resistant to scratching - but it does quite have brittle properties. This means that if enough pressure is applied to a tungsten wedding ring, the ring will crack or break instead of bending, a common thing found in gold and platinum rings. However, tungsten rings made with quality grade tungsten carbide will not break unless extreme force is applied to the ring.

A man’s wedding band, as it is widely believed, should be a fitting symbol of his love and integrity. It should suit his lifestyle and personality, and this makes tungsten elbow its way into the market for men's jewelry.

Tungsten bands boast with very many advantages over other metal bands.

Their strength is only surpassed by diamonds. Gold, platinum, and silver are beautiful in their own right but they just can't withstand the day-to-day wear in the same manner that a tungsten carbide ring will.

In terms of durability, tungsten carbide rings are top-notch. Tungsten carbide is roughly ten times stronger than gold and four times stronger than titanium. Also with the more traditional metals, the purer you get the softer the piece of jewelry is going to be.

Tungsten carbide cannot be bent, so no more rings that fit funny on your finger after that frustrating round of golf.

Tungsten bands will not scratch, wear out easily or even fade under normal wear.

One of the greatest appeals to tungsten carbide is its ability to hold a shine. The finish on tungsten wedding rings will not dull or fade over time.

There is a wide variety of finishes and styles to choose from with this sort of metal. This will mean that you can have the wedding ring or indeed any other tungsten carbide product that you want. We all have different tastes and styles so knowing that you have a sense of freedom when it comes to finding the metal that is right for you is a great thing.

Tungsten carbide can be shaped into all manner of different shapes. It can further be completed with a number of different finishes including polished, brushed, soft satin and it can even be engraved with a laser. There is also a wide selection of colors to choose from with tungsten carbide, in addition to which an option to have different materials like diamonds or zirconia laid into the ring can be elegantly explored. If you were keen to have a gold ring but prefer the benefits that come with tungsten carbide, you can choose a gold-plated option which gives the appearance of gold but the reliability of tungsten carbide. Ingenious, isn’t it?

You will also find that tungsten carbide provides a more affordable option than many other metals, including gold. There are expensive tungsten carbide options to choose from but the full range on the market place will ensure that there is something for everyone.

Despite all the above, tungsten rings have their own disadvantages which are hard to ignore, and the greatest of them is the weight that many deem unnecessary. Although tungsten rings are very strong and durable, they are really very much heavy, thus making one feel a bit uncomfortable when worn for quite a long time. This influences more people to buy titanium rings instead of those of tungsten because titanium rings are quite light and also have characteristics similar to those of tungsten rings.

Secondly, they are hard, if not almost impossible, to engrave on: Since these rings are very hard, it becomes very difficult to engrave on them using traditional means. You would require to take help of lasers instead to accomplish such a task.

Many argue that tungsten rings don’t give a royal look, thus making it easily for one who entertains a high budget to have an eye for gold and platinum rings instead. However much looks and appearances may be cruelly deceptive, this factor contributes largely to their abject rejection.

Another unappealing factor is they cannot be re-sized, as tungsten is a very hard metal. If you experience size problems, you would have to replace your ring with a new one.

All that said, many would agree that advantages definitely outweigh and outshine the disadvantages, and so if at all you harbored any plans to purchase them, none of them should stand in your way.

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