Some Interesting Wedding Customs from Around the World

Some Interesting Wedding Customs from Around the World

We all know that a man presents a ring to his beloved when asking her hand for marriage, and the couple also exchanges rings on the day of their wedding. The rings play a crucial role in matrimonial customs around the world. In essence, it symbolizes the love two people share and their commitment to one another. Moreover, it also lets the world know that they have found "the one!" However, that is for the world outside. Wedding rings hold special meaning to bride and groom as it marks the beginning of a new chapter in their life.

Women usually like their jewelry all year round, so why should they get left behind on their wedding day? They go in for dazzling wedding rings which come in a variety of intricate designs, embellished with precious stones. These gorgeous rings can leave one captivated. Men have traditionally been more conservative when it comes to selecting men's wedding bands, and they have usually gone in for plain metal bands to signify their marital status. However, just like so many other things, men are now venturing into uncharted territories and doing things that they have not done a generation ago. They are going in for stylish wedding rings which are as attractive as the ones worn by women.

Buying wedding bands

Buying the rings just before the wedding day is not a good idea. Men tend to be confused when it comes to shopping, and buying jewelry is that much harder for them. If you are the same, start browsing your options now! Carry out the necessary research and figure out which style you want. The actual buying process has become much easy, thanks to the reputed online sellers such as The online stores offer a ton of options when it comes to styles, designs, and pricing. You can pick one that suits your taste and your budget.

Aside from the rings, there is a lot associated with weddings that will leave you mesmerized. Cultures around the world have unique customs and practices that are fascinating. Moreover, these quaint customs are not limited to a particular race or country. Here, we are going to explore some of these.

Venezuela: At a Venezuelan wedding reception, you will not see the bride and groom bidding goodbye to the guests at the end of the party. Though they join in on the fun and welcome guests, it is a tradition for the bride and the groom to sneakily leave the reception without getting caught. Being able to do that supposedly brings good luck.

China: Brides in China have to go through a veritable fashion show on their special day. They start off the marriage wearing an embroidered dress that shows off the contours of their body. For the reception, they move on to a Western-style gown. Finally, later in the evening, they again change into a cocktail dress.

Russia: The poor groom must go through a lot on the morning of his marriage. He has to go to his bride's house and sing, dance, and make a fool of himself in front of the whole family. If that is too humiliating for him, he can just pay his way out of doing it. If he chooses to opt for the latter, he will have to pay a hefty sum to prove himself worthy of taking care of his wife. In either case, his trials get over only when the girl's parents say yes, either to his dancing or his money!

India: Weddings in India are often 3-6 days long, lavish affairs. The actual marriage ceremony takes place at the bride's home where the groom and his family arrive. At an opportune time, the cousins and friends of the bride steal his footwear (this is possible because the groom would have had to take them off before sitting down cross-legged for the wedding rituals). Once the groom comes to know of the theft, he can get them back only after paying a sum. The amount of money may vary depending on the groom's negotiation skills.

Peru: The wedding cake comes with ribbons attached to different trinkets and charms. One of those decorations also connects to a fake wedding ring as well. If a single woman happens to get the piece contain the pretend wedding ring, it is a sign that she will get married next.

Germany: German couples receive a saw and a large log, and they take turns sawing the piece of wood in half. The ability to do that comes off as a sign that they would be able to join hands in overcoming any hurdles they face.

Romania: The guests at a wedding ‘abduct' the bride and hide her away. They do not agree to bring her back till the groom pays them a ransom. The 'bribe for the bride' need not be (and usually is not) currency. It could be a demand for the groom to put up a performance or present the guests an expensive bottle of wine.

Sweden: When the bride leaves the table, it is customary for the other female guests at the wedding to kiss the groom, and the same holds true for occasions when the groom is not around. The gentlemen attending the wedding can also steal a kiss from the bride!

French Polynesia: After Polynesian weddings get over, all the relatives of the bride lie down face down on the ground side by side, forming a human pathway, over which the bride and groom are expected to walk as they leave the venue of the wedding.

Ireland: Dancing at weddings is pretty standard, but in Ireland, the customs make it a tad difficult for the bride. She is expected to keep both feet touching the ground at all times during her dance so that no evil spirits can sweep her off her feet.

These are some unbelievable customs from around the world, but one tradition that is universally popular is the exchanging of wedding bands. Like we said at the beginning, men are now more than willing to flaunt their style in the wedding rings, which is why the selection of the wedding band matters a great deal.

25th Aug 2020

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