Why has black ceramic surged to the top of the fashionable men's ring category?

When was the last time you saw a black ceramic ring? You may not of been looking for one of these beauties will but when you see it you'll remember it. As you're probably aware ceramic has been used in kitchen appliances for years and years but over the past 10 years or so manufacturers have been using the beautiful dynamic lustrous finish of ceramic in fashionable rings for men and women. One of the reasons manufacturer started using ceramic was because they were looking for a material like tungsten that was virtually scratch proof. In fact ceramic is so hard that diamond cutting and polishing to will is necessary when finishing the beautiful finish of ceramic men's ring.


The title suggests that black ceramic is the only ceramic it's at the top of the fashion industry that in a sense that's misleading because ceramic comes in white and pink and a host of other colors. That given, black is certainly at the top relative to popularity. If you have seen the ceramic ring regardless of color you will notice that each and all have a very shiny bright and lustrous finish. This is the primary reason for the popularity of ceramic rings, which would also include the very durable hard finish that makes a ceramic ring appear as new even after having been warned for years.


A few years ago I tried on of black ceramic ring and used it is my wedding band for about a year. I did so simply determined if the reputation of this beautiful men's fashion ring was is durable as polished as lustrous and remained shiny throughout the term of use and to my amazement after a full year of wear I could not detect even the slightest blemish and that included no scratches. And I'm pretty tough on rings. I didn't baby at I didn't take it off when I was working in the yard I simply wore it night and day.


I admit I'm a little biased when writing this blog about black ceramic because of my experience with this material but I am convinced that my experience is not unique to this fashionable beautiful and durable material. So the next time you're in the market for a men's ring or even the ladies ring for that matter don't overlook the beauty the luster and durability of this fashion newcomer.

22nd Dec 2012

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